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How to arrive

CozyStudio photo studio is located at Raudondvario pl. 164, second floor, in Kaunas.

Studio #1 is located in the middle of the corridor on the left side (there is a CozyStudio sign by the door).

Studios #2 and #3 are located at the end of the corridor, also on the left side (there is a CozyStudio sign by the door).

If you can’t find your way, please call us at +370 643 20212

Or contact us via email:


Site plan

Car parking spot

If you have booked Studio #1 or Studio #2, there is one parking spot available per studio. If you have booked Studio #3, there is no parking space available.

Upon arrival at the barrier, please call the studio at tel. no:
+370 643 20212.

If you arrive with multiple cars or have booked Studio #3, you can park the cars on the street or at the nearby IKI supermarket parking lot (2 hours free).

IMPORTANT: There is only one parking spot allocated for Studio #1 and #2 clients. There are no additional spaces assigned to the studio, and all other spots are reserved for businesses operating in the area. If you arrive with more cars, please park on the street in designated parking spots beyond the barrier or at the “IKI” supermarket (2 hours free). However, do not leave your car in spaces assigned to other companies.

We incur a €20 fine for cars left in spots assigned to other companies, and this fine will now be charged to you. If you leave your car in spots assigned to other companies, you will have to move it during your photoshoot. Therefore, parking incorrectly will cost you not only an additional €20 but also waste your photoshoot time. Please coordinate with the client or photographer on who will park inside the premises and who will park beyond the barrier.

We kindly ask for your understanding.