Questions and Answers about a photostudio


General questions

CozyStudio consists of three different photo studios and two separate makeup stations. You can book all spaces on the website or by emailing or calling +370 643 20212.

Studio #1 booking: click here
Studio #2 booking: click here
Studio #3 booking: click here
Makeup station booking: click here

Yes, all photo studios are equipped with lighting, and it is included at no extra cost.

If you have booked Studio #1 or Studio #2, there is one parking space allocated for each.

If you have booked Studio #3, there is no parking space allocated.

If you arrive with more cars or have booked Studio #3, you can leave your cars on the street or in the nearby IKI supermarket parking lot (2 hours free).

VERY IMPORTANT: There is only one parking space allocated for clients of Studios #1 and #2 each. There are no additional spaces allocated for the studio, and all other spaces are reserved for other businesses operating in the area. If you arrive with more cars, please park on the street in designated parking spaces or at the “IKI” supermarket (2 hours free). However, please do not leave your car in spaces allocated to other companies.

We receive a €20 fine for each car left in spaces allocated to other companies, so from now on, this fine will be charged to you, and you will have to go and move your car to the correct location in the middle of the photoshoot. Therefore, parking incorrectly will cost you not only an additional €20 but also waste your photoshoot time. Please coordinate with the client or photographer about who will park inside the yard and who will park outside the barrier.

How to find parking spaces allocated for CozyStudio clients:

Thank you for your understanding.

It depends on the availability of the studio you booked. If there are no bookings before or after yours, then yes, you can arrive earlier or extend your studio time beyond the reserved duration. However, please make sure to always inform about any changes in plans. However, if the studio is booked by other clients before or after your reservation, I kindly ask you to arrive punctually and leave by the time you reserved the studio for (don’t forget to plan how much time you need for dressing or gathering your belongings before the end of your reserved time).

Yes, you can cancel the studio reservation, and there is no penalty if canceled at least three days (more than 72 hours) before the scheduled rental time starts.

If you want to cancel the reservation less than 72 hours but more than 24 hours before the reserved time, we kindly ask you to pay half of the reserved time amount.

If you want to cancel the reservation less than 24 hours before the reserved time starts, we kindly ask you to pay the full reserved time amount.

If you booked the studio but did not show up and did not inform us, the full rental fee will be charged, and we will send an invoice for payment. Failure to pay the invoice will result in us being unable to accept new bookings from you.

Yes, the studio is pet-friendly. Pets are considered full members of the family, so if your pet is well-behaved, feel free to bring them along to the photo studio. However, it’s especially important for pet owners to supervise their pets. Pets should not roam freely and should be kept close to their owners to avoid accidents or messes. Renters are fully responsible for their pets and must leave the studio clean after themselves.

You can pay in cash or by bank card upon arrival at the studio, or by bank transfer to the bank account.

You should write about this by email at or contact by phone +370 643 20212. If it is possible, renting during non-business hours is allowed, but the rental price is calculated at a double rate.

When you arrive at the studio, you can rearrange the decorations according to your needs, but when leaving the studio, everything must be left as you found it, and any moved decorations must be returned to their original position.

If you would like the decorations to be rearranged, moved to another location, or otherwise changed before your arrival at the studio, the cost of such services varies starting from 20 EUR for changing one corner, and it is important to inform about your needs as early as possible.

Studio rules

  • The dressing, furniture, and prop return to their places are included in your rental time, so plan your time accordingly to ensure you can leave everything as you found it.
  • Do not climb on the corners of the cyclorama. The cyclorama is made of plaster, so any stronger impact can break it. During the rental period, you are responsible for the care of the studio.
  • Breaking or otherwise damaging the studio inventory is not allowed.
  • If you spill anything on the floor, walls, or furniture, you must clean it immediately to prevent it from absorbing.